New TiTAN Pizza Pie and Pasta
New!! Unique!! and oh so gooood!!!
A great web site, like a great pie, takes time and care to build.  But the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New TiTAN will be bringing you the best pizza that you have ever had.  And by TiTAN we don't mean a paper thin, sloppy, all the good stuff falls off into your lap when you try to eat it pizza.  NO!! A slice of a New TiTAN pizza is meal unto itself. Go ahead, I dare you! Try to finish an entire pie! Hey, we're NEVER going to be on any diets recommended list, but that's the point!  Indulge!  Enjoy!!  Happy Digestion!!!

Right now are not only several dozen contractors and laborers working feverously to finish the building but we've tied up the kitchen staff, this the only way to make sure that their focus is on the soon to be task on hand -- YOUR TOTAL PIZZA FEEDING FRENZEY!

Check back for more details as the clock counts down to the opening of a new era.

There's a whole lota goooood eaten' coming soon!!  

Contact Information
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coming soon!
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as close as your taste buds!
oh! ok! this is coming soon too!
God Bless the USA!!
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